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ISBN-10: 0750680571

ISBN-13: 978-0750680578


Chapter 1

The Role of Risk Management for Meetings and Events

Chapter 2

The Risk Management Process, Tools, and Techniques

Chapter 3

Legal and Ethical Compliance

Chapter 4

Health and Safety

Chapter 5

Loss Prevention and Security

Chapter 6

Emergency Preparedness

Chapter 7

Administrative Safeguards

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Marketing Issues

Chapter 10

Program Design

Chapter 11

Site Management

Chapter 12

Attendee Management


More than a dozen practical job performance aids

Risk Management for Meetings and Events is a comprehensive and practical guide which supports academic and professional development programs that prepare individuals for entering or advancement in the meeting and event management industry.

The prowess of industry professional, scholar and accomplished writer abound in the work of Julia Rutherford Silvers, CSEP. This highly effective atlas of risk management skills and techniques provides students, professors and industry professionals with a due diligence road map in an emerging profession desperate for methodical tools to ensure the success and safety of all stakeholders in meetings and events. The integration of risk management and meetings/events management is comprehensive and reveals the breadth and depth of knowledge possessed by Silvers. Risk Management for Meetings and Events is a highly effective resource that should sit on the bookshelf of all meetings and events professionals.

Kathleen B. Nelson, Ph.D., CSEP, CMP

Director of Executive Master in Hospitality Administration & Executive Master in Event Management

William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada Las Vegas



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