Julia Rutherford Silvers, CSEP

Certified Special Events Professional

Event Management Authority

Like angels and elephants dancing on the head of a pin, our dreams and responsibilities may have no limits, but must be balanced according to the music of the moment.









Professional Activity

UNLV Singapore Ltd., 2008, 2009

  • Adjunct Professor, Singapore campus

Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, 2008—Present  
  • Event Management International Competency Standards Global Advisory Board

World Journal of Managing Events Editorial Advisory Board, 2007—Present

International EMBOK Executive, 2004—Present  
Originator of the Event Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK) Project, 2003  

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2003—2007

  • Adjunct Faculty, Tourism and Convention Administration Department

Expo Events, Inc., 1990—2001

  • President & Creative Director

The George Washington University Event Management Certificate Program, 1998—2001

  • Curriculum Consultant, Industry Editor, and Internet Lecturer

International Special Events Society

  • Board of Governors, 1995—2002

  • Certification Committee, 1999—2002

  • Education Committee, 1995—2001

  • Education Committee Chair, 1995—1998

  • Ethics Committee, 1998—2000

Event Solutions Editorial Advisory Board, 1999—2000

Event Solutions Expo Advisory Board, 1998—1999

New Mexico MPI, 1996—1998

Albuquerque Lodgers Tax Advisory Board, 1993—1999

New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair Manager, 1989—1990

  • 2010 JHTE Article of the Year Award, International CHRIE
  • 2005 Best Paper Award, Las Vegas International Hospitality and Convention Summit
  • 2004 ISES Esprit Award for Best Industry Contribution
  • 2003 ISES Esprit Award for Best Industry Contribution
  • 2002 ISES Esprit Award for Best Industry Contribution
  • 2002 ISES Spirit of Excellence Mettle Attitude Award
  • 2001 ISES WESTIE for Best Event Specialty
  • 1997 ISES Esprit Award for Best Industry Contribution
  • 1997 ISES Los Angeles LA-La Award for Best Festival
  • 1996 ISES Volunteer of the Year


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